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CORE.HOST™ is currently in GAMMA.

HASH-> 4c0bd9a29edacdad1f1ec32b02baca60

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Major Releases

Version Date Overview Hash
v.1.0.104/06/2022Gamma branch: Merged various working components of the trial site into a public-facing, finalized-directory structure. 900 additional invites are going out for this version of the system.4c0bd9a29edacdad1f1ec32b02baca60
v.1.0.011/01/2020Beta branch: No forward facing functionality is present without direct trial-related ENDPOINT links. Merged CognitiveORE.com and CORE.HOST into one functional index. This phase will mostly be about operations behavior, linking concepts, securing the formats, and ironing out behavior. 100 User maximum reached.ca105523b63c2703c87c2c44d0c5d2a9

Past Releases

Version Date Overview
v.0.0.902/06/2020DETAILS ARCHIVED
v.0.0.812/06/2019DETAILS ARCHIVED
v.0.0.711/05/2019DETAILS ARCHIVED
v.0.0.6210/18/2019DETAILS ARCHIVED
v.0.0.6110/16/2019DETAILS ARCHIVED
v.0.0.610/08/2019DETAILS ARCHIVED
v.0.0.5110/06/2019DETAILS ARCHIVED
v.0.0.510/01/2019Alpha Branch: DETAILS ARCHIVED. 10 User maximum reached.
Pre-.0.0.5(2)09/29/2019DETAILS ARCHIVED
Pre-.0.0.5(1)09/29/2019DETAILS ARCHIVED
Pre-.0.0.509/28/2019DETAILS ARCHIVED
v.0.0.499909/26/2019DETAILS ARCHIVED
v.0.0.499409/24/2019DETAILS ARCHIVED
v.0.0.499109/24/2019DETAILS ARCHIVED
v.0.0.49909/24/2019DETAILS ARCHIVED
v.0.0.49809/22/2019DETAILS ARCHIVED
v.0.0.497309/22/2019DETAILS ARCHIVED
v.0.0.49609/21/2019DETAILS ARCHIVED
v.0.0.49509/21/2019DETAILS ARCHIVED
v.0.0.49309/19/2019DETAILS ARCHIVED
v.0.0.49109/18/2019DETAILS ARCHIVED
v.0.0.42309/07/2019DETAILS ARCHIVED
v.0.0.4109/01/2019DETAILS ARCHIVED
v.0.0.408/28/2019DETAILS ARCHIVED
v.0.0.301/24/2019DETAILS ARCHIVED
v.0.0.2111/01/2018DETAILS ARCHIVED
v.0.0.210/01/2018DETAILS ARCHIVED
v.0.0.107/04/2018DETAILS ARCHIVED

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