Meta-retrieval Index



core.host™ provides meta-link structures

You can see more about the formats and structures being served/generated so far within CORE.HOST™ on the community page.

EntityScript™ structures can be incorporated into high-capacity digital workloads or used for personal data organizing. These structures can be accessed when they're shared by the community, or when you create them yourself.

CORE.HOST™ is the premium meta-link service behind EntityScript™ and can act as a centerpiece to connect all of your digital assets to various valid-locations online. CORE.HOST™ doesn't rely on the http protocol and can extend into any valid network location. Various media formats can be owned and shared without having to use any centralized storage.

The only centralized data stored here are templates, keys, and generated blocks within the C.ORE™ system.

These stored formats can be made public or kept private. Depending on what is chosen by the operator, this allows the system to be a storage of record for any defined event. Each event can be defined by the end-user using EntityScript™ or a pre-built format such as domains, configurations, or access points. Using the provided programs, the creation of these items can be done in a mostly automated way.

There are few documented linking services that can reach our overall workload performance and modularity, but our full system is still in a limited preview stage which we're sharing with various people as we secure each part required for general availability. We rank within the top 1% of through-linking concepts and present an alternative model for block technologies that gradually can work to take us away from centralized storage.

Until everything works as intended we're only working with select partners. June 2022 seems reasonable for a general release.

Right now we're updating our general index to include all the relevant formats to completely replace things like search engines, cloud storage companies, dns providers, databases, and hosting organizations.

All the Gen-1 links still work, but have been masked by default. A search bar will be here soon and active for good before we end our trial phase.

It's how we ended up here