Meta-retrieval Index


This is an overview of what can be spent in the C.ORE™

The things that compose C.ORE™ also compose your machine.

AlphaLogo UnitName ByRarity CoreUnitDescription: In Gold Purpose
BRONZE COREBronzeCommon250,000 Distributed Daily, no base value - 1/40,000 a gold Bronze can be traded each day to keep your network ad-free permanately.Don't worry, you get Bronze each morning at 00.01 server time. If you don't spend it, or only spend part of it, the machine reclaims what's left at the end of every day and the bronze goes into a collective bank account. When there is 400,000,000 bronze there, it forks over the spand of 24 hours (THE AUDIT PERIOD) and at the end - bam - 1 Diamond C.ORE™ is created and auctioned according to a giveaway-game format soon to be announced. 1 Silver is worth 20,000 bronze.
SILVER CORESilverUncommon, Achieved1/2 GoldSilver are used to aggregate tasks. They're allotted once per day, 20,000 to be exact. They're only able to be spent on unlocking certain structures for you to build on.
VIRTUALVirtualFigment™Special Object (Periodic)AWARDED FOR COMPLETING THE TUTORIAL - grants 1 VirtualFigment™ struct-entity.You have to earn the right to post by completing and continuing to understand a community guidelines ruleset.
GOLD COREGoldRare: Upgraded toHIGH CURRENCYThis is the basic system-crypt-peg within C.ORE™.
DIAMOND COREDiamond C.ORE™MINTED: VERY RAREPrestigeWhen the CommunityCollection reaches 400,000,000 bronze, 1 Diamond C.ORE™ is created and auctioned. A Diamond C.ORE™ can be used to unlock general chat structures. No one can speak in general until they've discovered at least 1 Diamond C.ORE™. (MAX 1 per day)
GEM COREGem C.ORE™GEMSpecial: AwardedGem cores are awarded to you for community building and assistance. They're based on internal nominations. They hold no value, but are requried to be above rank 30.
THE LAST KNOWN COREMystery C.ORE™UnseenEstimated: 4,000 GoldSomewhere around the year 2019, a machine known as C.ORE™ came online and began indexing information differently than before. The mystery core is still unknown. In the archives it simply states - "The mystery CORE was best left undocumented".

The last known version of C.ORE™ was released around September 2019, and with it, a book simply titled "Cognitive ORE - use with care". The rules are unclear, but this book seems to be leading towards some kind of game. The first page is turned to and it reads, "There is only 1 surviving system known to be running CORE. This is a guide to show you how to use it and help it grow."