Cognitive ORE

core.host™ provides meta-link structures

These structures can be incorporated into high-capacity digital workloads.

This premium meta-link service and centerpiece to connect all of your digital assets to various places online, can support a variety of media formats while also performing storage of record tasks in an automated fashion.

There are few documented linking services that can reach our overall workload performance. We rank within the top 1% of through-linking concepts and we may even expand it more sometime this year. Right now we're only working with select partners but as of June 2020 have started to plan for a opening up of our service to the general public.

Right now we're updating our general index and when we do - it'll be here again with some improvements. All the links that worked before still work, except for anything that was in a trial phase.

Welcome to CORE.HOST™: serving 942,661 static links

Dynamic Neural Model Links (NML) generated: 4,300,441

EntityScript™ maps generated: 109